NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer is a netflow monitoring application for deep network traffic investigation, analysis and reporting, helping to give you a better understanding of the network traffic and bandwidth utilisation.

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NetVizura offers a high level of performance and functionality set at a competitive and affordable price point.

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NetVizura provides better insight into network traffic behaviour allowing administrators to recognize traffic anomalies, which are often caused by virus activities and various security threats.

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With NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer, you can visualise the traffic by network devices, interfaces and subnets, better understand bandwidth consumption, traffic trends, applications, host traffic and traffic anomalies.

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Easy to Use Dashboard. Quicker Results.

NetVizura has been designed to be quick to install and easy to use, taking away much of the headaches often associated with NetFlow Analysis.

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Plan & Monitor. We've got IT covered.

With NetVizura you can monitor traffic by Internet traffic, Email traffic, YouTube, Facebook etc. blocked traffic, open ports etc., datacenter, servers departments regional and city offices.

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White Paper

Top 7 Reasons You Should be Using NetFlow.

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Live Demo

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